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She’s from Big Sky Country. From a place where you can’t tell where Earth ends and heaven begins. But she felt a calling . A calling to leave friends and family behind. A calling to travel far from the only place she’d known as home. A calling for adventure.

He’s from the Sunflower State. From a place where “Rock Chalk!” floats melodiously from the voices of its people, and every person knows what it means to be a Free State. He, too, felt a calling. A calling that wouldn’t require him to move states away, but did compel him to also leave family and friends and the only place he’d ever known as home.

They were, indeed, called to the same place. And since the time they first met, there has been no thought of any other. This weekend, after eight years, they will promise a lifetime together.

Meet Brooke + Anthony.


Brooke got their pup, Mia, during a time when she and Anthony lived in different cities.  It is safe to say that Mia has taken a liking to Anthony as well.Kansas-City-Wedding-Photography-Emily-Pete-Lawrence-Montana-Brooke-Anthony-Engaged-05Kansas-City-Wedding-Photography-Emily-Pete-Lawrence-Montana-Brooke-Anthony-Engaged-06Kansas-City-Wedding-Photography-Emily-Pete-Lawrence-Montana-Brooke-Anthony-Engaged-07

Brooke + Anthony-

Your love for one another is one that doesn’t require any words; it is easy to see how you care through the way you interact. We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate with you and all your friends and family tomorrow! No doubt, it will be a wonderful day!


Emily + Pete

Fog. In that search–that all encompassing, all engaging search–for love, it can sometimes seem that the path to that one leads you through a maze of clouds.  The path doesn’t seem straight, and sometimes you can’t see beyond your own reach.

Then it happens.  One day the fog lifts and you find your way to him. You find that he has been searching for you, too.  You join together and find that the days are brighter and the sky is bluer with him by your side.  Of course, finding each other doesn’t mean that the fog will never come again;  It simply means that, this time, you find his hand, hold on tight, and trust.  This time, when the fog clears, you know that he is the one that will always guide you through the clouds and home to where you belong.

Tomorrow is predicted to be a rainy day, but neither rain nor fog will get in the way of a love that is true. Julie + Corbin’s knot will be bound even tighter as they promise to walk with each other, hand in hand, through the rain and the fog, and in the sun and blue skies.   We are excited to share in their day and know that it will be as beautiful and as wonderful as the two of them.


We met up with Julie + Corbin for their engagement shoot where the fog greeted our morning and enveloped them in a beautiful haze.

THIS light. . . this magical light. . . is the unadulterated beauty after the rain.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_07Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_08Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_09The early fog evolved into the most perfect of fall mornings.  Add in an amazing couple, and THIS is what you get. Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_10Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_11Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_12Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_13-14Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_15Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_16Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_17-18Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_19-20Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_21-22Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_23-24Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Loose_Park_River_Market_Engagement_Julie_Corbin_25


Tomorrow is set to be a day to remember.  We are so excited to share it with you, Julie + Corbin!


Emily + Pete

P.S. Yup, we’re back!  Well, we were never actually gone. We just took some time off to enjoy our bundle of joy.  More on that to come in the future!

It was one of those moments you see in the movies. He saw her standing there. And he knew.  He didn’t know, at that time, how her laugh would delight every part of his being. He didn’t know that serving her in all the big and all the small ways would fulfill him in ways he had never imagined before. And, he didn’t know that the people and interests she mentioned casually in their first conversation would soon turn into the people he loved and interests he held, too. In that moment, it’s fair to say he actually didn’t know all that much about what his life was going to be in relation to her. But when he saw her standing there, he did know that she was special and that getting to know her was something worth pursuing.

Her premonitions were limited, too. She had momentary flashes, of course, about the possibilities of who he was and who they could be together. But she didn’t truly know. She didn’t know that the childlike delight he found in penguins and Spiderman would reengage childlike delights in her as well. She didn’t know that his faith would inspire her to dig deeper in her own, bringing them closer to God as individuals and as a couple. And she certainly didn’t know that their first conversation would be the first of so many meaningful moments between them.

We’ve been privileged to share a number of meaningful moments with Nicole + Brandon, including their proposal. This weekend, we’ll add a few more of those to the list as Nicole + Brandon exchange vows in front of family, friends, and the Lord. Crazy excited would be one way to express how we feel about the honor of sharing in this day with them.   We could say a million wonderful things about Nicole + Brandon individually and about the way they love each other.  But, from our perspective, everything that needs to be said is pretty much summed up in the images from their engagement session.


Nicole’s dogs, Cola and Indy, have quite the attachment to Brandon.  They are so excited for him to move in and for their family to be all together.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Brandon_Nicole_15


Nicole + Brandon-

We have been looking forward to your wedding day for quite some time and are so excited that it is finally here. We can’t wait to witness your love and to watch you grow together. You have each enriched our lives and we know that each moment we get to spend together will bring all the more joy.  See you soon!


Emily + Pete


Abby Jones - Brandon has inspired us all to reach into our souls and find our own childlike delights. So much love to share between them.

Her reasons for signing up were pretty simple: to stay fit and focused in the off-season. So each day at 5:30 a.m., she’d rise and head to the pool where, lap after lap, each stroke brought her closer to her goal.  His reasons for signing up were pretty simple as well: he loved the sport and wanted to be involved with it as much as possible. Each time a form was corrected or a millisecond was taken off of a race time, he was reaffirmed in his efforts.

What they didn’t know is that, this time around, it would get a bit more complicated. You see, he noticed her. Yes, he noticed her technique and her lap split times. But what stood out more was her smile, the smile that he was sure she had even underwater. It was her laugh, the way that even when things didn’t go quite as she planned, was never far behind. And it was her dedication, a dedication to not only her sport, but her friends and family as well.

Eventually, she began to notice things about him, too. The passion in his eyes when he empowered others to succeed in the sport he loved. The sincerity with which he poured his heart and his energy into his work and his friends. And his joy for life that seemed to be on par with his own.

When Megan + Tyler say I do in just a couple of weeks, there is sure to be laughter from the congregation as they are pronounced man and wife. Not because anyone objects. No. Because that is the way that Megan + Tyler approach life: with joy and hope, resulting in that oh-so-glorious sound of happiness. Our evening with these two love birds was full of all those good things, especially the laughter.


Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_01Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_02-03Tyler’s sincerity and the depth for which he cares for Megan is beautifully obvious.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_04Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_05This is the contagious smile that we were talking about.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_06

And THIS . . . this is the joy.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_07Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_08Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_09We  chose to photograph in downtown Lawrence with Megan + Tyler.  The bright colors that presented themselves along our walk on Massachusetts Street were the perfect backdrop for this vibrant couple.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_10Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_11

Megan’s first job was at the Sylas & Maddy’s in Olathe.  Although she never worked there with Tyler, they often talked and celebrated over bowls of the creamy good stuff.  Naturally, we had to include a stop at Sylas & Maddy’s for a few scoops.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_12-13Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Lawrence_Engagement_Megan_Tyler_14

Megan + Tyler-

We’re so excited for your wedding in just a couple of weeks. We are sure that it will a most jubilant event.  And come some day if your ice cream melts before you get to enjoy the last lick or the laughter temporarily fades, never forget to remind each other to just keep swimming!


Emily + Pete

Welcome back for Part II of Kait + Josh’s wedding day!  Kait + Josh found Eventful, an amazing new venue where they were able to celebrate their wedding and the reception! The tree-lined stage provided a scenic backdrop for their vows.  Kait + Josh added their finishing touches . . .  it was perfect!

Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_33Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_34-35Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_36Those smiles tell everything about this day that you really need to know. Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_37-38Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_39Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_40Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_41Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_42Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_43-44Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_45

10-minute rule in full effect! Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_46Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_47-48Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_49

As their guests made their way to the reception, we were able to spend a little more time with Kait + Josh away exploring the Eventful grounds.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_50Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_51Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_52Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_53-54Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_55Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_55bKansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_56

We loooove it when our clients work in their engagement session images into their reception decor. Kait + Josh did this perfectly!Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_57-58Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_59Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_60-61Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_62Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_63-64Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_65Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_66-67Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_68Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_69After dinner, cake cutting, and a couple of lovely toasts, it was time to DANCE!


Of all the couples we’ve been lucky enough to shoot, I think Kait + Josh might have had THE most fun on the dance floor we’ve seen to-date.Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_72-73Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_74Kansas_City_Wedding_Photographer_Emily_Pete_Weston_Kait_Josh_75

Kait + Josh-

We are so grateful to have been part of your celebration.  The peace that you feel around one another radiates to all those around you, reminding us what  means to be “home.” We know that not matter where life takes the two of you–St. Louis, Kansas City, or otherwise–your love for one another will ensure you’ll always where you’re supposed be.

Emily + Pete

Hair: Bailey Smith
Dress: Alfred Angelo
Boutique: Natalie M
Flowers: Ashley Hotka at Good Earth Floral
DJ: Complete Music
Cake: Mi Amor Cake Design
Wedding Planner: Jenn Myers
Ceremony and Reception: Eventful at Locust Grove
Photographers: Emily + Pete: Wedding Photographers